Ethics Policy


We comply with all applicable export, import and trade compliance laws of our country and the country in which we do business.


It is the policy of NARAYANI GROUP to comply strictly with Indian Government and host government laws and regulations when importing, exporting or re-exporting. The company’s business goals never under any circumstances justify the violations of these laws.


In furtherance of this policy, no person acting for or on behalf of NARAYANI GROUP will ship, mail, hand carry or in any other way export / Import any products (whether new or used, entire units or parts), or any technical data, or knowingly cause or permit any other person to do so, without being certain.

NARAYANI GROUP is dedicated to the pursuit and dissemination of goods and services. The illegal or abusive use of drugs or alcohol by employees of our Organization jeopardizes the safety of the individual or a group, and is adverse to the development of our business. NARAYANI GROUP is therefore committed to having a campus that is free of the illegal or abusive use of drugs and alcohol. In keeping with this commitment, it is the policy of NARAYANI GROUP that the illegal or abusive use of drugs or alcohol is prohibited on any of our office premises. Admiral Marine Services will not employ/hire anyone who is known currently to abuse drugs or alcohol.


In order to inform all employees of their responsibilities under this policy, and to meet the responsibilities as set forth the following information is provided: